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CHEMMANUR Group of Companies - An Overview

A name worth its weight in Gold, and whose business history is over a century old, Chemmanur is today a Rs.400-crore Group with a diverse business portfolio.

The first exporter of Gold Jewellery from Kerala, Chemmanur establishments today provide a variety of services that include

  1. Manufacture and retail of Gold and Diamond Jewellery
  2. Import of agricultural equipments and pheromones
  3. Export of Gold and Diamond Jewellery
  4. Export granite/marble slabs and monuments
  5. Export oleoresins and vegetable extracts as well as cover crop seeds
  6. Construction, financial services, plantations and agricultural activities
  7. Retail of glass, plywood, hardware and building materials
  8. Retail of cameras and accessories
  9. Overseas placement services
  10. Education, charitable works

Chemmanur has won State as well as Central awards for export. Chemmanur Gold Refinery in Kochi, which is one of the government-approved establishments in South India, equipped to mint gold coins and biscuits and for assaying gold, has the authorisation from the Bureau of Indian Standards to affix their seal of quality on the gold coins and biscuits minted there.

Chemmanur's expertise in the retail business of Gold and Diamond Jewellery has extended beyond the Indian subcontinent to the Arabian Gulf. Chemmanur's association with jewellery business in the Gulf is significant in places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, etc., and the business is certain to grow in leaps and bounds in the years to come.


CHEMMANUR - almost a synonym for GOLD & DIAMOND Jewellery - has always insisted on a customer-oriented approach to business. Every piece of jewellery ranging from heavy necklaces and bangles to tiny ear rings is thus the result of dedicated craftsmanship. Whether it is the traditional 'Nagapadam', 'Karimani', 'Palaka', 'Pulinagam', 'Elakkathali', and 'Poothali' Necklace, or the 'Dashavatharam' Bangle, CHEMMANUR Jewellery is exquisitely crafted to suit individual tastes.

Over the years, members of the Chemmanur family have established, independently and otherwise, a variety of business ventures to cater to the needs of people. They include -

Chemmanur Jewellers Ltd. (Bangalore, Karnataka)

A Public Limited Company and the Flagship Company of Chemmanur Group of Companies, Chemmanur Jewellers Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture and retail of Gold ornaments. Well-furnished modern showrooms with friendly sales executives provide the ideal ambience for the customers to realise their golden dreams. Chemmanur's famous Gold Purchase Plan is particularly helpful for planned purchases of gold where the customer will have the benefit of the average gold price over a 24-month period. Over 15,000 persons have been beneficiaries of this scheme.

Chemmanur Jewellers (Bangalore, Karnataka)

This is an exclusive showroom for DIAMOND and other Precious Stones. Giving importance to the person behind the customer, CHEMMANUR has devised various SCHEMES to make GOLD and DIAMOND within the reach of everyone. Chemmanur's Diamond Purchase Plan, which makes Diamonds affordable for the common person, has shattered the popular belief that Diamonds are meant only for the elite. Diamonds sold by Chemmanur are authenticated by a certificate of quality and supported by a minimum 100% buyback, even for cash.

Chemmanur Jewellery (Bangalore, Karnataka)

Engaged in the retail of Gold ornaments and gold bullion.

Chemmanur Jewels (Bangalore, Karnataka)

Engaged in the retail of Gold ornaments.

Chemmanur Jewelry Pvt. Ltd.

Engaged in the retail of Gold ornaments and Silver articles.

Chemmanur Gold Academy (Bangalore, Karnataka)

In the process of being set up, this unique institution "Chemmanur Gold Academy" will be engaged in training students in all aspects of Gold Jewellery business, including manufacture, sale as well as setting up and management of showrooms. Presently no such establishment exists in India.

Chemmanur Jewelleries (Bangalore) Ltd. (Mangalore, Karnataka)
Chemmanur Jewelleries (Bangalore and Mangalore, Karnataka)

Engaged in the retail of Gold & Diamond ornaments and Silver articles.

Inter Jewels Chemm Private Limited (Bangalore, Karnataka)

(A Joint venture between D Navinchandra and Chemmanur Group)
(A Joint venture between D Navinchandra and Chemmanur Group) Inter Jewels Chemm are the sight holders doing transaction directly with DEBEERS (largest diamond suppliers in the world), involved in marketing and supplying wholesale Diamond Jewellery. Also marketing DTC brand "Sangini" and own brand national wide "IRA".

Chemmanur Academy and Systems Private Limited (Aluva, Kerala)

(Training in retail salesmanship courses in jewellery field and many other courses for nurses, medical transcriptions, university graduation courses, Basic training in computers etc., currently operating from 10 different offices in Kerala)

Chemmanur Jewellers (Kerala) Private Limited (Thrissur, Kerala)
Chemmanur Jewellery (Thrissur, Kerala)

Engaged in the retail of Gold and Diamond ornaments.

Chemmanur Jewellers (Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)
Chemmanur Jewellers (Valliyoor, Tamilnadu)
Chemmanur Jewellers (Sivakasi, Tamilnadu)
Chemmanur Jewellers (Karur, Tamilnadu)

Engaged in the retail of Gold ornaments.

Chemmanur Gold Refinery (P) Ltd. (Cochin, Kerala)

Chemmanur Gold Refinery (P) Limited at Cochin is a Govt. approved bullion manufacturer, has established world-class assaying, refining and minting facilities, and is equipped to Mint gold coins, bars and bullion bars of 999.9 fineness. Its assay lab is the 1st Bureau of Indian Standards recognised Gold Assay Centre in India and is also the 1st Gold Hallmarking Centre in India.

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