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In order to serve you better please help us by giving your suggestions or comments on how we can improve.please note that we will give a 1 gm gold coin every month to the best suggestions received in question no.6. Please fill in all the questions to qualify.
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  1. What do you think about our ...?
  Jewellery Design
  Collection (Variety)
  Value for money
2. How was our Efficiency?
  3. How do you choose where to buy jewellery, please rate how important is each for you? *
    Very Important Important Not Important  
  Trust in the Shop
  Design Available
  Price of Jewellery
  Service Given to Customer
  Convenient Location
  4. When do you usually buy jewellery ?
  At the time of Vacation

  For giving as a gift    
  Find good designs    
  Exchanging old jewellery    
  5.Have you heard about our Gold Purchase plan ?
If yes, what do you think about it ?
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